Sunday, July 24, 2011

Congrats to baseball's newest Hall of Famers

For at least one day, baseball got its groove back thanks to its newest Hall of Famers.

Baseball finally had one day of peace and celebration amid the nasty dispute between Major League Baseball and Los Angeles Dodgers and the cloud of another possible Roger Clemens trial renewing the spotlight on the sport's troubled history with performance-enhancing drugs. All of that negativity was put to the side for a day as the Hall of Fame welcomed its newest members: second baseman Robert Alomar, pitcher Bert Blyleven and general manager Pat Gillick. From the video, it looks like it was an incredibly fun parade and ceremony, which must have pleased Bud Selig to no end.

All three members were worthy of enshrinement. After the surprise of being made to wait a year despite his impressive resume, Alomar seemed humbled and overcome by the honor. Blyleven’s wait was much, much longer (probably too long), but he seemed equally thrilled at finally getting his day in the sun. And I was happy to see Gillick honored for a lifetime of work behind the scenes that too often goes unnoticed.

Just once, I would love to be in Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame ceremonies (perhaps when the baseball writers finally show some love to former members of the New York Yankees). It would be nice to experience the celebration that close and to cast aside the negativity that overshadows my favorite sport, at least for one day.

Congratulations to the well-deserving new members of the Hall of Fame!

Thanks to ConspiracyofHappiness via Wikipedia for the photo.

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