Monday, July 11, 2011

Robertson deserving addition to All-Star roster

David Robertson is going to the All-Star game and no one deserves it more.

Having been passed over in the initial selections, likely due to an unspoken bias against set-up relievers, Robertson finally got a well-deserved spot on the roster of baseball’s best after Tampa Bay Rays starter David Price bowed out due to a minor toe injury. It’s probably not the way Robertson wanted to make the team, but he will take it and enjoy it.

You could not wipe the smile off of Robertson’s face yesterday. He grinned with genuine excitement and happiness when reporters asked him about his first trip to the All-Star game. There probably has never been a guy so eager to give up his three-day vacation to go to work.

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi was equally happy for his reliever and thrilled he got the chance to break the good news to Robertson personally. Girardi started his Robertson for the All-Star game campaign weeks ago and for it to finally happen was obviously rewarding for both the player and the manager. I have to imagine that this is one of the bright spots of being a baseball manager and Girardi could not be happier for his player. As am I.

Congratulations, Dave!

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