Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reyes injury deflates Mets in Subway Series

Derek Jeter is not a jinx, but Alex Rodriguez sure is.

A day after ARod called Jose Reyes "the world's greatest player," the Mets shortstop was forced to leave a crucial Subway Series game against the New York Yankees with a hamstring injury. Coincidence? Not if you’re superstitious and believe in jinxes. Jeter isn’t nearly as superstitious as other ballplayers, but he jokingly defended himself against the notion that his impending return will jinx the Yankees, who are 14-3 since the captain landed on the disabled list against his strong objections.

The Mets are praying that Reyes isn’t seriously hurt like Jeter was. But they have to be worried, or maybe even terrified, given Reyes’ injury history. The shortstop has been the sparkplug for the feisty Mets, but without him, they are mediocre at best. If he is headed to the disabled list to join David Wright and Ike Davis, there is just no way the Mets are going to be able to contend in the National League East. And if Reyes is on the disabled list, the Mets can’t even trade him for some prospects if they start to fall out of the race.

The Reyes injury instantly deflated the Mets and their fans. Yes, Bartolo Colon was surprisingly sharp for a guy who just came off a two-week stint on the disabled list. But after the Reyes injury, the Mets had no fight in them until scoring two meaningless runs in the 9th inning off of Sergio Mitre, who will never be confused with Mariano Rivera.

If I’m a Mets fan, I probably hate ARod more than ever.

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