Friday, July 15, 2011

Relief or agony for Pettitte over Clemens mistrial?

I can’t help but wonder what Andy Pettitte is feeling right now. Is he relieved about the judge’s decision to declare a mistrial in the Roger Clemens case or is it causing him more agony?

Pettitte could be relieved and glad that the mistrial happened because of the possibility that the prosecution will not be able to retry Clemens. That would save Pettitte from being forced to give evidence against Clemens, a guy he still loves dearly even though they are estranged. More importantly to Pettitte, it would keep his former New York Yankees teammate and workout partner out of jail.

But the delay could also be torture for Pettitte because he now has to wait a few more months before he knows whether he will have to be the star witness against his pal Clemens, the one person whose words could have the most influence in sending Clemens to jail. As much as Pettitte was probably dreading the trial, he may have also wanted to get it over with so that he can move on with his life.

But we probably will never know as Pettitte is now retired and has gone mostly into seclusion with his family. Pettitte, whose own actions in using performance-enhancing drugs was terribly wrong and damaged the game of baseball, is one of the nicer guys in sports and loyal to a fault. I think this has to be killing him.

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