Sunday, July 3, 2011

Robertson most disappointing All-Star snub

It’s hard to complain about the All-Star team with six New York Yankees making the roster, but I have to admit to being really disappointed by the exclusion of David Robertson.

CC Sabathia’s exclusion from the American League All-Star team is the most surprising snub. The Yankees big lefty is leading the league along with Justin Verlander. But CC’s value to the Yankees goes beyond his statistics. Every time CC picks up the baseball, the Yankees can count on Sabathia going eight innings and giving most of his bullpen a day off by getting the ball directly to Mariano Rivera. Sabathia, since the day he first put on those pinstripes, has carried the Yankees on his back and is a huge reason for the Yankees first-place standing. But CC will survive this snub.

The most disappointing snub was suffered by David Robertson. I know it’s hard to make the All-Star team as a set-up man, but there was no one more deserving of a spot than Robertson. Not only has he put up terrific numbers, he has kept the bullpen together amid the devastating season-ending injury to Joba Chamberlain and the ineffectiveness and eventual injury of Rafael Soriano. I think it would have meant a lot to Robertson to get the nod and I just hope he’s not too disappointed.

I wasn’t surprised by Mark Teixeira’s absence from the All-Star team even though I think he has had an impressive run recently, particularly in the power department. With his three infield colleagues already voted in by the fans, Curtis Granderson’s earning a slot with a Most Valuable Player-worthy season and Russell Martin installed as the back-up catcher, someone had to be left behind and Tex was the odd man out.

Out of the three snubbed Yankees, I am most hoping for Robertson to still have a chance to make the team. CC and Tex have both been All-Stars and will make the team again in the future. But if Robertson stays in the set-up role in which he has excelled, future All-Star bids will be hard to come by. Maybe he can still make the team—with pitchers not being able to pitch in the game if they start on Sunday, the rosters are not set in stone.

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