Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ARod's home run quest finally ends

Alex Rodriguez finally hit his elusive 600th home run. Can we please move on now?

Not likely. The New York Yankees, who have been milking this silly chase for all its worth, just released a commemorative edition of Yankees magazine, for fans who want a keepsake of ARod's milestone. I will pass thanks.

The home run quest was simply getting ridiculous, from the changing of the balls during his at-bats to the ransom ARod was going to have to pay the fan that caught the ball (Dinner with him and Cameron Diaz? Way to keep a low profile, ARod!). But even worse, ARod was getting incredibly frustrated by his futility. Perhaps he can now relax and focus on just driving in runs.

But the best part of ARod hitting his home run, aside from the two-run cushion it gave starter Phil Hughes, is that all of the Yankees can finally stop thinking and talking about it after answering all the media questions today. I think ARod's extended pursuit was feeding into the funk that the team had fallen into. Maybe now that the milestone is behind them they can get out of it.

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