Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pettitte must keep his frustration in check

Andy Pettitte is a competitive guy so the setback he experienced this week must be killing him. But he can't let his frustration overpower his good sense.

I suspect that Joe Girardi and Dave Eiland will have to work hard to make sure that their pitcher doesn't do anything to jeopardize his health. From his comments, it seems like Pettitte understands the importance of not pushing too hard. But the longer his rehab takes, the more pressure the veteran lefty will put on himself to return to the mound as quickly as possible.

It helps that the New York Yankees have broken out of their funk, with a key comeback win against the Texas Rangers and winning two of out three so far in Kansas City. If the Yankees continue to do well and keep the Tampa Bay Rays at bay, that will lessen the urgency for Pettitte to return to the rotation.

As difficult as it may be, keeping his frustration in check and not rushing back too soon is the best way for Pettitte to help his team.

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