Sunday, August 8, 2010

Too soon for boos for Lance Berkman & Co

Fans of the New York Yankees are notoriously impatient, but the boos for Lance Berkman are premature.

Barely a week into his Yankees tenure, Berkman is hearing it from a small portion of the Yankee faithful. From a performance standpoint, it's somewhat understandable. Berkman has not played well since he put on the pinstripes. He is only 2 for 19 with one ribbie. Then, of course, was his disastrous play at first base when he filled in for Mark Teixeira and helped CC Sabathia bury the Yankees early against the rival Tampa Bay Rays last weekend. But Yankee fans should cut him some slack. Anyone can slump for a week. Plus, Berkman went from playing for a team with nothing to play for in Houston to the middle of a race for a division title with his first games coming against the team's toughest competition.

The fans will have a similarly short leash for Kerry Wood and Austin Kearns. Wood, coming off Cleveland's disabled list, has given up one run in 3 1/3 innings. He's somehow looked both impressive and shaky in the same performance, striking out one batter before walking or giving up a hit to the next guy. Kearns, who is supposed to challenge Curtis Granderson for playing time, has so far been a non-factor, going hitless in six at-bats.

But it's way too early to label any of them bums. Give them time to make the adjustment to a tight pennant race and life in the New York fast lane. With some patience, they might wind up surprising us.

Thanks dwhartwig and UCinternational via Wikipedia for the photo.

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