Monday, August 16, 2010

Girardi needs to focus anger on his team

Joe Girardi needs to focus his anger and frustration on his players instead of biting the heads off of reporters just doing their jobs.

The New York Yankees manager snapped at YES Network reporter Kim Jones when she dared to ask him how he felt about losing a game when AJ Burnett settled down after a rough start to give up only one run over eight innings. It’s not the first time Girardi has been testy with the media after a tough game and it’s really unfair and unwise considering the New York beat reporters could turn on him at any moment. But it's the Yankee players that are truly deserving of his ire for their futility against unknown pitchers.

Maybe the Yankees need a kick in the ass. The Orioles are 9-4 since Buck Showalter arrived in Baltimore to get them in line after spending the first four months of the season being the American League’s whipping boys. Maybe Girardi needs to pull a Buck (or dare I say, a classic Joe Torre tantrum) to light a fire under his guys' butts.

Girardi may not like doing that, maybe it's not in his nature. But he is the manager so it's his job. And his players deserve it more than the media.

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