Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jorge Posada!

Jorge Posada celebrated his 39th birthday today by easily stealing his third base of the year, the first time in his career he has stolen that many bases in one season, much to the amusement of his pal Derek Jeter and his other New York Yankees teammates.

The Yankees catcher has had a wonderful career in pinstripes and I'm praying he never wears another uniform, like his pals Jeter and Mariano Rivera will never wear other uniforms. If Posada were to retire tomorrow, he would complete a career that makes him a borderline candidate for the Baseball Hall of Fame. He's been a major run producer (1,004 ribbies) on a team that has won the World Series five times since he first put on his pinstripes.

Posada is getting older, but is he getting wiser? If he is, he would understand that he's getting closer to being a full-time designated hitter, that his everyday catching days are long behind him. And he would accept that role, understanding that it could help him prolong his career as a productive hitter without the stress that catching puts on his body. But the fact that he is still catching at 39 years of age is beyond impressive.

Happy Birthday, Jorge!

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