Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hughes stops the bleeding despite cold

Battling not only the Toronto Blue Jays but also a head cold, Phil Hughes stepped up to pitch the game the New York Yankees needed.

Hughes admitted that he was not feeling great and the heat didn't help but somehow managed to pitch 5 1/3 solid innings, with quality support from his bullpen for the rest of the game. He had a lot of runners on base in the middle innings, but only gave up one run. It wasn't his best performance, but under the circumstances, it was exactly what his team needed.

“It was a battle for sure,” Hughes said. “I made some decent pitches with guys on base and got out of there with a win.”

I'm personally amazed that he could pitch that well with a head cold. I can't even get out of bed when I'm sick. Plus, I'm pretty mean. Not so with Hughes, who seemed his usual amiable self when answering questions after the game.

The Yankees needed a starter to stop the slow bleeding, a guy who wouldn't give up the two-run cushion he was given in the first inning. Hughes, knowing his team was scuffling, stepped up to be that guy and a Yankees losing streak goes by the wayside.

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