Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yankees never out of the trade loop

Brian Cashman insisted that the New York Yankees are not in the trade market for a starting pitcher. Let's not fall for it.

No question it will be difficult to get a decent pitcher through waivers and to the Bronx, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Yankees figure out a way to pull something off. But do the Yankees actually need starting pitching help? Even with the recent problems in the starting rotation, the Yankees are still tied for first place with the Tampa Bay Rays.

CC Sabathia has been the ultimate ace and is closing in on 20 wins for the first time in his career, but the big guy can't do it alone. Last night's struggles aside, Phil Hughes is right behind his teammate in wins, impressive for a guy who was supposed to be the fifth starter. We keep hearing about his innings limit, but I doubt the Yankees will bench him even if he closes in on that number if the race is still tight and Andy Pettitte is not back in the rotation.

Pettitte's health is the real wild card. If he can prove he is healthy this weekend, then the Yankees can live with the unpredictable AJ Burnett, rookies making starts down the stretch and Javier Vazquez banished to the bullpen.

But just because they can live with their current roster of pitchers doesn't mean they will. These are the Yankees after all and they will do whatever they think is necessary to guarantee the best chance at the playoffs. And they have no problem looking greedy, as shown by their pursuit of Cliff Lee in July.

Bottom line, the Yankees are never out of the trade loop.

Thanks to jimmyack205 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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