Monday, August 16, 2010

Classy welcome back for Johnny Damon

Good or bad, New York Yankees fans never forget. For Johnny Damon, the memories are very, very good.

Damon got a really warm welcome from the Yankee Stadium crowd tonight that nearly brought him to tears. The cheers started building as the public address announcer began his introduction and got louder and louder as Damon took off his helmet (revealing a Mohawk, ugh!), smiled and waved in all directions and tapped his heart in appreciation of the fans' affection.

It's still difficult to say that the Yankees made the right call in letting him go. It did open up a full-time spot for Brett Gardner in left field, but Curtis Granderson has been a major disappointment in center. There's no question the Yankees miss Damon's clutch bat at times, although Nick Swisher has done a nice job in the #2 spot between Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira.

But judging from the ovation, the fans definitely miss Damon and fully appreciate all he did during his Yankees tenure, despite the ugly divorce. No hard feelings from the folks in the seats. Nothing but love for old #19.

Thanks to Wsim12 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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