Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baseball is back and as awesome as ever

Now that March Madness is over (sorry Butler, I was rooting for you even though you quashed Syracuse's national title hopes and broke my heart), we can all turn our full attention to baseball. And Monday was a fantastic day all around the majors, one that I'm sure Bud Selig was thrilled about.

Where do we start? Since I'm a pitching and defense kind of fan, I'll start with Roy "Doc" Halladay showing why the Philadelphia Phillies are probably on their way to repeating their division title and a World Series rematch with the New York Yankees after tossing 7 innings of one-run ball. Or we could go with the Freak Tim Lincecum showing why the San Francisco Giants were smart to finally get that contract done and lock the youngster up for a couple of years with a dominant performance in the first game of the regular season.

If you like offense, Albert Pujols started another Most Valuable Player campaign with not one, but two homers. Pujols seems to be trying to settle the question once and for all of who is the best player in baseball. It's hard to argue against him after swinging the bat like he did yesterday.

The Mets had a surprisingly good all-around game, led by a typical strong performance from Johan Santana. But David Wright's nice afternoon, including that homer, was probably more reassuring for fans of the Metsies hoping for a turnaround from an awful season.

All and all, it was an awesome opening day in baseball and hopefully a sign of the fantastic season to come.

Thanks to Bryce Edwards and UCinternational via Wikipedia for the photo.

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