Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Teams must spend Yankee dollars on payroll

The New York Yankees are sick and tired of all the digs about their payroll made by owners and executives of other baseball teams and so am I.

The latest came from Brewers owner Mark Attanasio, lamenting the fact that the Yankees infield of Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano will make more than his 25-man team. In response, Randy Levine essentially told him to stop whining and start spending the millions of dollars he and other owners receive from the Yankees via revenue sharing. Levine gave voice to a common complaint among Yankee officials: that some of these teams pocket that money instead of spending it on players.

Unlike a lot of other baseball teams, the Yankees reinvest the millions they make from their new stadium and large metropolitan fan base in their team. I'd like to see Major League Baseball try to put an end to this by requiring teams to spend a high amount or percentage of the revenue sharing dollars on payroll rather than other expenses or worse, just keeping the profits.

It's a shame that baseball would have to go this route, but some owners just don't do right by their fans and invest these dollars in their teams. Luckily, Yankee fans don't have that problem because we know the Steinbrenners, despite all the budget talk, will always spend the money they make on their team. We pay dearly for the privilege of rooting for a team whose owners have that type of mentality, with skyrocketing costs at the brand-new stadium for seats, parking, food, beer, etc. But we don't mind it that much because we know our owners are going to spend the money on the best players (as they did with Tex last year, who I love watching play first base). Too bad other owners can’t be trusted to do the same.

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