Thursday, April 8, 2010

West wrong to publicly call out Yanks, Red Sox

I have absolutely no problem with umpire Joe West thinking that the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are a disgrace to baseball because their games take way too long. He's entitled to his opinion. What I do have a problem with is him calling their play pathetic and embarrassing to a reporter.

Major League Baseball has taken steps to speed up the game, allowing players to be fined or a ball called against a pitcher who takes too long on the mound. West apparently feels that baseball officials haven't gone far enough so it's up to him to take up the cause.
Bud Selig needs to have somebody come down on West for these public comments because they are way out of line. West apparently needs to be reminded that there is a protocol and that these complaints should be taken up with the teams in private, not in the media.

I actually think West has a good point about the Yankees/Red Sox baseball games taking too long. I know my attention has wandered more than once during their slow-paced games. But he can't say these things publicly.

What if a player publicly called West's game-calling pathetic and embarrassing? Can you imagine what kind of trouble he would get in? Not to mention having West and his fellow umpires hold it against him in future games. But I guess the Yankees and Red Sox are supposed to shut up and take it. Derek Jeter, ever the diplomat, declined to criticize the umpires for refusing to give him a time out that he asked for. Maybe Jeter can give West some diplomacy lessons.

Part of being a good umpire is staying above the fray. With these comments he needlessly put himself right in the middle of it.

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