Saturday, April 17, 2010

CC Sabathia every inch the ace for Yankees

As impossible as it may seem, CC Sabathia actually pitched better last night than he did Saturday in almost pitching a no-hitter.

CC dominated the Texas Rangers last night. Every time you looked up, he had an 0-2 count on a batter. The Rangers didn't have a chance, chasing balls all over the place and coming up empty. Because he was ahead on the count, he was able to put hitters away by just going after them, which kept his pitch count low.

This time around it was the rain that finished his outing rather than a pitch count and his manager Joe Girardi, who has been getting a lot of heat for insisting he would have taken his big guy out of that game despite the no-hitter.

After a rough first game of the season, CC is stepping up to be the dominant ace that the New York Yankees know and love. With a solid AJ Burnett and the indefatigable Andy Pettitte behind him, the Yanks can put their top three starters up against any team and know they can win.

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