Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Captain Derek Jeter loosens up

Maybe he was just giddy with the excitement of getting his first World Series ring in nine years, but Derek Jeter was in a wickedly funny mood yesterday and it was great to see.

The Captain usually acts so serious, but yesterday we got a glimpse of the funny and fun-loving side all his teammates talk about. He personally delivered the championship ring to George Steinbrenner, along with a joke about Ohio State (Jeter is a Michigan fan and couldn't resist bringing up one of the fiercest rivalries in college football). Later, he told Kim Jones that he was happy to see the Boss so happy.

"No question because I've been in his office when I've been in trouble too," Jeter said with a laugh.

Hideki Matsui is one of Jeter's favorite former teammates and friends, but that didn't spare him from Jeter's practical joking as the New York Yankees Captain replaced his real World Series ring with a bootleg ring from a spring training promotion. As Jones later told Jeter, "you're a funny guy, Derek."

He really is. But it's a sight we don't normally get to see. It was nice to see the captain loosen up a bit and let down his guard for at least one afternoon. We probably won't see it again, but one can hope.

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