Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good revamp of baseball All-Star game rules

Baseball's committee for on-field matters has had a busy couple of months, but so far I'm loving all the changes they have recommended, including a major revamp of the roster rules for the annual All-Star game.

From a fairness standpoint, baseball is right to allow pitchers who throw the Sunday before the Tuesday game to be recognized as all-stars without having them pitch. I always thought it was unfair that pitchers having great years were penalized and left off the roster just because their turn in the rotation came two days before the annual battle of the leagues.

Even though pitchers rarely hit in All-Star games, I was glad to see the designated hitter rule imposed for all future games, even the games in National League ballparks. It's a change I hope Major League Baseball also adopts for the World Series to avoid the possibility of an American League pitcher getting hurt.

Bud Selig is wise to listen to his baseball experts. He promised he would listen to the guys on his committee like Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa and Mike Scioscia but I had my doubts. Of course, the real test will come when the committee makes a suggestion that Selig personally disagrees with, such as expanded use of instant replay.

Thanks to Major League Baseball via Wikipedia for the photo.

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