Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time to see if Jorge, AJ on the same page

The time has finally come to see if the spring training bonding worked for Jorge Posada and AJ Burnett. Both players started camp fully intent on resolving whatever issues existed between them. They also were determined to show the baseball world that they could build a strong working relationship. Did it work? We get the first answer tonight.

Posada had a rough night behind the plate Sunday so the questions have already started about his ability to manage a pitching staff. And those questions start with Burnett, one of the more difficult and frustrating pitchers to handle given his erratic pitching tendencies.

It would be great for the New York Yankees if Burnett and Posada have a good night. It’s an interesting twist of fate that the effort to work well together begins in Fenway Park, the site of Burnett’s notorious meltdown last year that started all the questions about his ability to work with Posada.

The team took a bit of a gamble letting Jose Molina, who had a nice rapport with AJ, go and giving the back-up job to Francisco Cervelli. If Posada and Burnett fizzle together, the pressure will be intense on Joe Girardi to make Cervelli AJ's personal catcher. The kid did a good job filling in for Posada and Molina when they got hurt last year, but still has to prove he can be a reliable backstop in 40-50 games.

Test #1 is tonight, but this will be an important issue for the Yankees throughout the season.

Thanks to shortstopVM via Wikipedia for the photo.

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