Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Harsh spotlight cast on Granderson

Welcome to the Rivalry, Curtis! Until Sunday night, the New York Yankees new outfielder only heard stories about the intense competition with the hated Boston Red Sox, only saw it from a distance. Now he finds himself smack in the middle and it was a mixed debut for him.

Granderson got off to a good start, slamming a home run in his first at-bat of the baseball season off of Josh Beckett and making a nice running catch that temporarily kept the trouble at bay. But he also ended the game after Jorge Posada got on with two outs to keep the Yankees hopes alive. His debut was somewhat overshadowed by the terrible pitching by CC Sabathia and the bullpen, but a couple of stories called out Granderson for his futile 9th inning at-bat against closer Jonathan Papelbon.

Again, it's only one game and Yankee fans and the media have to constantly remind themselves of that fact. But I'm sure Granderson now realizes that every success and failure is magnified on a daily basis with the Yankees, especially against the Red Sox. I'm also sure he can't wait to get back on the field to have another chance to shine in his first experience with the Rivalry. He gets it tonight.

Thanks to TheKuLeR via en.wikipedia for the photo.

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