Monday, April 12, 2010

Mets, Manuel, Minaya already in big trouble

The two New York baseball teams couldn't have had more conflicting starts to the 2010 season if they tried. While the New York Yankees came home with a 4-2 record against the toughest competitors in their league, the Mets lost four of six at home to the Florida Marlins and the woeful Washington Nationals. One week into the season, the Mets are already in big trouble.

It's not so much that they had a bad week. Good teams have bad weeks all the time, including the Yankees. In fact, they had a bad first month last year on the way to winning their 27th World Series title. But after looking so good on Opening Day behind a strong Johan Santana start, the Mets closed the home stand with their ace getting slammed and the team immediately packing it in.

The Mets were so dreadful that even their manager Jerry Manuel couldn't excuse their play. He said his team looked unprepared against aging starter Livan Hernandez and that it was his responsibility. Noble of him to take the blame and he definitely deserves a share. Sure enough, Manuel and Omar Minaya will be the scapegoats if the Mets continue down this path of futility. For Omar, it's probably a bit of karma, considering the way he jettisoned Willie Randolph.

But the Mets players are the ones out on the field. They took it for granted that they would win with their ace on the mound, and couldn't fight back when he got smacked around, couldn't recover from being down only four runs in the first inning, which speaks volumes to their collective state of mind. With that kind of poor attitude, Mets fans are in for a long season.

Yet Joe West calls the Yankees and Red Sox pathetic and embarrassing. He should have to umpire a game in Queens next time.

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