Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yankee fans Hideki loss is Angels gain

Hideki Matsui is quickly showing Los Angeles Angels fans that he is every bit the clutch player that we knew him to be in New York. Our loss is their gain.

The Halos have won two games this season courtesy of Matsui's ability to come through in big spots, including a ribbie single for a walk-off win in Saturday's game. Even better, he did it a few days after playing his first baseball game in the outfield in years, proving he isn't quite as brittle as the New York Yankees made him out to be.

The Yankees are off to a great start as well. Nick Johnson, Matsui's replacement, hasn’t hit at all, but has gotten on base a lot, much to the thrill of his manager Joe Girardi and general manager Brian Cashman. But we haven't seen if he can duplicate Matsui's success in tight situations. I'm sure he'll be tested very soon.

I'm happy to see Matsui doing so well on the West Coast. He is still a favorite player of mine and I wish him all the best. I'm beyond thrilled that he will be at Yankee Stadium to personally receive his well-deserved World Series ring on Tuesday. I'll be there too and will be part of the standing ovation Matsui will receive from Yankee fans who miss seeing him in pinstripes.

Thanks to edogisgod via Wikipedia for the photo.

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