Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good guy Granderson fitting right in with Yankees

Curtis Granderson is known for being one of the good guys in baseball, right up there with Derek Jeter in terms of his devotion to kids. The son of teachers, Granderson knows the importance of a quality education (he is one of the few big leaguers with a college degree) and is a big advocate of ensuring kids have the chance to have a good education. For his good work, Granderson was honored today with the Man of the Year award.

I'm sure his teammates were thrilled for him. It seems like you can't find a guy in the clubhouse to say a bad thing about Curtis, as he seems to be universally liked and respected by all his teammates. Granderson is fitting right in with the New York Yankees. Picking up the slack for some of his more well-known and higher-paid teammates, Granderson is hitting over .300 and has already scored six runs and driven in seven runs and played a great center field. And the Yankees couldn’t be happier

Breaking in with the Yankees and in New York can be a daunting challenge. But Granderson hasn't broken a sweat. He is a smart, articulate and charming guy who has become a go-to-guy for the media. More importantly, he is quickly winning over Yankee fans with his hustle and timely play. Those Granderson jerseys are going to be flying off the racks soon, if they're not already.

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