Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ARod tale more twisted by the day

The latest Alex Rodriguez controversy keeps getting more and more twisted by the day. The Canadian doctor being investigated by federal authorities now says that he treated the New York Yankees third baseman for his hip injury with anti-inflammatory drugs, but not human growth hormone.

Dr. Tony Galea's admission raises more questions for both ARod and the Yankees. High on the list for the team will be whether ARod's representatives lied to them when they told the Yankees they had never heard of Galea when the team asked point blank if he ever treated ARod. Is it possible that ARod hid that information not only from the team, but from his own people? Highly unlikely. I doubt ARod even makes a restaurant reservation for himself, let alone an appointment for treatment of his hip injury.

Another twist came when the doctor who performed the hip surgery said he never authorized Dr. Galea to treat ARod with an anti-inflammatory drug, which could create major problems with the Yankees who have the contractual right to approve any doctor treating their player. If ARod needed such a drug, why didn't he just go to his team-approved doctor?

The Yankees are reportedly angry with ARod and this is only going to fuel that anger and give them ammunition to punish ARod. I doubt they would try anything as drastic as voiding his contract, but you can be sure that the team will hang him out to dry on this issue. The Yankees are probably tired of being seen as the poster team for baseball players using performance-enhancing drugs so I expect to see them distance themselves from ARod as much as possible.

Thanks to Googie man via en.Wikipedia for the photo.

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