Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cervelli thankfully OK after concussion

Francisco Cervelli seems A-Ok after being drilled in the head by a pitch a few days ago, suffering a concussion. Cervelli said he is about 70%, with a full workout planned today.

"I feel better and I hope tomorrow I will feel 100%," he said yesterday.

The New York Yankees backup catcher revealed that he suffered a concussion in a 2005 game so this is the third time he has suffered this potentially dangerous baseball injury. But Cervelli also admitted that he was worried about this recent injury since the pitch hit him on the same spot where he suffered his second concussion in November.

Joe Girardi & Co. must be breathing a sigh of relief. First and foremost, it seems as if Cervelli has healed rather quickly from what could have been a devastating injury. But it also keeps the Yankees from having to scour the big leagues for another backup catcher, with Cervelli set to catch about 50 games this year. If the next few days go well, Girardi said he will put Cervelli back in the lineup on Friday.

"He's the boss," Cervelli said. "If he says Friday, it's Friday."

Thanks to MissChatter via Wikipedia for the photo.

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