Friday, March 5, 2010

Paterson drags Yanks into political mess

As if the New York Yankees didn't have enough problems dealing with controversy magnet/third baseman Alex Rodriguez, now they get dragged into Governor David Paterson's political mess. The governor, already under fire for allegedly interfering with a domestic violence case involving a top aide, is now being accused of lying about his attendance at baseball games at the new Yankee Stadium.

Paterson claimed he attended Game 1 of the World Series last year in an official capacity and did not have to pay for his ticket. He also said he was personally invited by Yankees President Randy Levine, which the Yankees denied, adding more fuel to the drama and further involving the Yankees in this political nightmare.

Personally, I find Paterson's contact with an alleged victim of domestic abuse more troubling, particularly since the victim had complained about being harassed to drop the charges by state police. But the ticket dispute seems to be the problem that could bring him down. Since this issue is not going away unless the governor resigns soon, the Yankees will have to answer questions about politics when they should and much rather be focusing on baseball.

Thanks to David Shankbone via Wikipedia for the photo.

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