Friday, March 5, 2010

Johnson injury makes me miss Matsui

Big surprise: New York Yankees designated hitter Nick Johnson sat out the second game of spring training for, wait for it, a back injury. The only thing shocking was that it didn't happen in the first game.

I'm going to try not to overreact because it is only the second baseball game and Johnson said he would have played if it was the regular season. But this news makes me long for the days of Hideki Matsui. Brian Cashman & Co. can say whatever they want about Matsui's knees, but he was not nearly as brittle as Johnson.

Let me just say for the record that I don't dislike Nick Johnson. Quite the contrary. I always thought he was a good, young player during his first tour with the Yanks and welcomed him back with open arms. But knowing what we do about his injury history, I thought Cashman was going to offer him a much lower salary than the $5.5 million he got. If the Yankees could spend that much on the DH spot, why didn't they just offer that to Matsui? He is the epitome of a clutch player and loved playing in New York so he probably would have taken it.

"He's as professional as it gets," Derek Jeter said of Matsui this week. "We're definitely going to miss him. I'm sure Anaheim is going to love him."

I miss him already.

Thanks to MissChatter via Wikipedia for the photo.

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