Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yanks have right to be angry with ARod

The New York Yankees tried to refute a report that the team is mad at Alex Rodriguez for the latest controversy engulfing the team. But the Yankees have every right to be annoyed with their third baseman for disrupting the quiet spring the team was having and taking attention away from the team's mission to repeat as World Series champions.

Before news surfaced that federal agents want to question ARod about any interactions he may have had with a Canadian doctor accused of illegal use of performance-enhancing drugs, the biggest story was the peace that had settled over spring training camp. The biggest non-story was the lack of contract negotiations between the team and Captain Derek Jeter. I bet Brian Cashman wishes he could go back to being hounded about why the team hasn't offered Jeter an extension yet.

The Yankees supposedly wanted to send a message by publicly distancing themselves from ARod or having the YES Network voices address his steroid use during their broadcast. But so what if the Yankees are mad at ARod? Some might say it's hypocritical after years of defending him during his numerous struggles on and off the baseball field, particularly the steroids controversy last year. But they have every right to be frustrated with this recent turn of events since they probably felt that issue was firmly behind them.

Thanks to Keith Allison via Wikipedia for the photo.


  1. it is ridiculos for the yankees to be upset at A-Rod given that they approved him working with Lindsay, who has ties to the canadian doctor. Don't you think.

  2. But what the Yanks are upset about is being blindsided. Supposedly, neither ARod nor his agent told the team that the fibbies wanted to talk to him. They reportedly found out the same way the rest of us did from the media.