Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vote Tex for all-sports commissioner!

Mark Teixeira's too young to be thinking about a career after baseball, but I nominate him to be commissioner, not just of baseball, but any sport. In fact, if the top job of the NCAA opens up, Tex would be great fit.

Tex outlined some good solutions to some of the problems or non-problems in major sports today. I particularly agreed with his desire for a playoff in college football (though it could probably be more than just eight teams, maybe 10 with the top two teams in the rankings rewarded with a bye). I also liked that he advocated keeping the college basketball tournament intact. March Madness is the most perfect postseason format of any major sport. So of course they're going to try to ruin it by expanding it to 96 teams.

Tex obviously loves other sports and cares enough to want to see them played in the best shape possible. So maybe when he is done winning World Series titles with the New York Yankees, he can apply for a job with the NCAA. Or MLB. Or NFL. Or NHL. Or the Olympics. Anyone of these organizations would be lucky to have him.

Thanks to Keith Allison via Wikipedia for the photo.

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