Monday, March 1, 2010

Team bonding off to a good start

Both New York baseball teams are off to a good start in the annual bonding ritual that occurs in spring training.

For the New York Mets, the fierce battle for the hockey championship in the Winter Olympics was the trigger. Now that Jason Bay, a Canadian and lifelong hockey fan is on the team, there is a friendly rivalry going on. With Canada's big victory in the gold medal game last night, Bay will be a happy camper today. Alex Cora, who reportedly got stuck with the dinner check thanks to the US team's tying goal with 24 seconds left in regulation, is not. But sounds like a fun night out for the Metsies.

Tomorrow it's the New York Yankees turn. Joe Girardi will try to repeat the magic of last year's pool tournament with another team bonding event. But Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira have already gotten a head start, sharing a meal last week with the conversation focused on repeating last year's World Series title. But the real bonding came during a pre-spring training workout at ARod's Miami home in January. Tex was very impressed with the generous side of ARod, who invited young kids/minor leaguers to his home for a meal and baseball tips. That kind of admiration can only help the bonding.

Thanks to chris.ptacek via Wikipedai for the photo.

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