Saturday, March 6, 2010

Torre, Jeter bond still strong

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. At the very least, it hasn't broken the bond between Joe Torre and Derek Jeter. At a recent event for his Safe at Home Foundation, Torre addressed rumors of Jeter's impending nuptials, saying Jeter promised his former skipper that he would be the first to known when and if he decides to get married. Presumably, Torre meant he'd be the first to know after Jeter's parents. But the point is clear: despite his ugly divorce from the Yankees, Torre remains extraordinarily fond of Jeter.

Torre and Jeter regularly trade text messages, including a congratulatory text from Torre after Jeter & Co. won the 2009 World Series. They will have an opportunity to see each other again when the New York Yankees visit the Los Angeles Dodgers in June during interleague play.

Given their years of playoff battles together, it's understandable that the two would have a bond like no other. But Jeter is known as being fiercely loyal so perhaps that explains why he hasn't formed quite the same bond with Joe Girardi. During a recent interview, Jeter frequently referred to his current manager as Girardi. You wouldn’t expect him to call him Mr. Girardi since his skipper was once his teammate, but he didn’t call him Joe either.

The affection Torre has for Jeter, his favorite player, is seemingly unshakeable. When Torre compares a player to Jeter, it's meant as the highest compliment, proving that the bond between the two remains strong.

Thanks to Matt314 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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