Monday, March 15, 2010

No need to worry about CC

Anyone worried about CC Sabathia due to his two previous poor starts can finally relax. But they shouldn't have worried in the first place. As manager Joe Girardi said, CC is the least of his worries.

A lot of great pitchers tend to struggle in spring training, mainly because they are not focused on winning a job, but on experimenting with new pitches or trying to work out mechanical flaws. That seems to be what happened with CC. He gave up 3 runs, but upped his pitch count to nearly 60, focusing on getting to game strength, which for CC means 110-pitches minimum.

New York Yankees fans don't have to worry about our ace. CC will be CC when the games start on April 4 against the archrival Boston Red Sox.

Thanks to chris.ptacek via Wikipedia for the photo.

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