Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mariano's life story quite compelling

Mariano Rivera's story of growing up as a child in Panama to become the greatest closer in baseball history is quite compelling and beautifully told in today's Daily News. Mo is the second subject in the newspaper's Modern Yankee Heroes series and it is truly a fantastic story.

What I loved most about the story is that so much of it is told in Mo's words and that gives great insight into how he became the man he is today. The story starts out with Mo describing how he and the other kids in his neighborhood used to fashion all their baseball equipment from cardboard, string and branches. This, of course, led to some mishaps and injuries, but also showed that when kids truly love baseball, they'll do anything to play. And nobody loves playing baseball more than Mo.

The story also gives great insight as to why Mariano is such a generous guy. Growing up with nothing, he learned the importance of giving and sharing, something he does today both on and off the baseball field. Rather than zealously guarding the secret of his killer pitch, he will teach the cutter to anyone who will ask. Though he's reluctant to talk about it, he also shares from the millions he has made from being a playoff hero with his people back home, one of the reasons why we New York Yankees fans don't mind him earning every last dollar he deserves.

Next up in the Daily News series on Sunday: Andy Pettitte

Thanks to edogisgod via Wikipedia for the photo.

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