Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brian Cashman having a great week

If baseball gave an award for best general manager at the winter meetings, Brian Cashman would win hands down. He had a great week. And it's not over. Cashman probably has another surprise in store for Yankee fans.

He accomplished goal #1 when he re-signed starter Andy Pettitte. Not signing Pettitte would have forced him to pursue John Lackey or give up a ton for Roy "Doc" Halladay. But now he can examine a Halladay trade from a position of strength, knowing he doesn't absolutely need him. I'm also very glad he didn't try to stick within his reported budget by pinching pennies with Pettitte.
He wrangled Curtis Granderson from the Detroit Tigers without having to give up too much. Granderson fits into Cashman's youth movement and eases any pressure to re-sign Johnny Damon for more money than he wants to part with. Plus, Granderson's reasonable contract also fits within the Yankees budget (supposedly at $185 million though I have serious doubts).

Cashman also traded Brian Bruney for the #1 pick in the Rule 5 draft, which the Yanks will likely use although it's not clear who they will pursue. I'm sure Cashman has a player in mind, otherwise he probably would have traded the pick, which reportedly generated interest from other teams.

Talk about getting things done.

Thanks to Jimmyack205 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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