Friday, December 11, 2009

Swisher a coup for How I Met Your Mother

Just when I thought my favorite comedy "How I Met Your Mother" couldn't get any better, here comes news that Yankee outfielder Nick Swisher will guest as himself on the show. Swisher will reportedly stop in MacLaren's bar, the second home of the fun-loving gang, drawing too much female attention for legendary lothario Barney Stinson's comfort. I wonder if Barney will tell Swisher to suit up!

Swisher is such a goofy, fun-loving guy that I have no doubt he will be great on the show. And his appearance will come just a few months after his girlfriend actress Joanna Garcia (who also guested on another favorite show of mine: Gossip Girl) appeared on HIMYM. I was kind of hoping she was the titular mom, but not meant to be.
Swish will be following in a grand tradition of Yankee cameos in movies and on TV, including several memorable Seinfeld episodes. I wasn't a big fan of that show, but I did love the 1996 episode when Jason Alexander's George Costanza, who was the Yankees traveling secretary, takes Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams out for some batting practice. When Jeter protests that the Yanks just won the World Series, Costanza snickers: "Yeah, in six games."
Good luck, Swish! Just don't let Barney outshine you.
Thanks to wheels897 via en.Wikipedia for the photo.

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