Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mets get Bay, but does he really want them?

The New York Mets finally got their man with outfielder Jason Bay agreeing to a four-year, $66 million contract with a vesting option for a fifth year. But did Bay get the team he wanted? That remains an open question.

The Mets made their first offer nearly three weeks ago and there was no real movement between the parties since then. Speculation surfaced that Bay didn't really want to play for the Mets and that he was looking for another team to match or surpass the offer. If Bay's reported hesitance was merely a negotiating ploy to get a fifth year, that is nothing to worry about. Baseball, after all, is a business. But if Bay really has concerns about playing for a sluggish Mets team in a cavernous stadium, then the Mets have a potential problem on their hands. Next week's press conference to introduce Bay should be revealing.

Brian Cashman recently revealed that CC Sabathia had genuine reservations about playing for the New York Yankees because he heard the players didn't like each other. All worked out well for the Yankees because new players such as CC and Nick Swisher changed the team dynamic, making the new team's chemistry a key strength. But if Bay has real concerns about a Mets team beset by injuries that won only 70 games this season, those need to be addressed head on.

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