Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cashman slams door on Damon return

Any hopes that the trade of Melky Cabrera to the Atlanta Braves would reopen the door to Johnny Damon's return to the Bronx were firmly dashed by Brian Cashman today.
In an interview on the MLB Network, Cashman said the loss of Cabrera would not encourage the New York Yankees to restart negotiations with Damon. "Unfortunately, that wouldn't be the case," he said.

It seems certain that Cashman will go with a much-cheaper option to fill the void left by Cabrera's departure. The Yankees general manager wouldn't speculate on who that would be, but it seemed like a decision would be made relatively quickly.
Those who like the Javier Vazquez trade are emphasizing his successful 2009 campaign, in which he finished fourth in the National League Cy Young award voting. He went 15-10 last year with a terrific 2.87 ERA and 238 strikeouts in 32 starts. Never mind the fact that this happened in the National League.
He could be a solid number #4 starter for the Yanks in the regular season, even winning 12-13 games with the Yankees juggernaut offense behind him. But he has not fared well in his postseason starts so that remains a major concern for me.

Thanks to Jimmyack205 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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