Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Watch out Dustin. Captain Jeter will get you

Better watch out Dustin Pedroia. The last thing you want is Derek Jeter gunning for you.

The Red Sox second baseman said he is willing to switch positions to shortstop to help his team. It's quite admirable considering Pedroia is a former American League Most Valuable Player who does not need to do anything to prove his loyalty to his team. The problem is Pedroia's mouth. He couldn't resist a little dig at the Yankee Captain: "Tell Derek to enjoy the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards while he can."

Pedroia was obviously kidding, He and Jeter became quite chummy during the World Baseball Classic (highlighting the only problem I have with the WBC--Yankee and Red Sox players becoming friends).

But Pedroia should know better than to issue any kind of challenge to his pal Derek. After hearing stat geeks constantly criticizing his defensive skills, Jeter spent the last offseason working on his flexibilty and lateral movement. The result: he had his best defensive season in years, winning a well-deserved Gold Glove. Jeter will probably laugh off Pedroia's comments publicly, then immediately go to work on a 2010 performance that will blow the newly-minted Red Sox shortstop away.

Come to think of it, thanks Dustin!

Thanks to Eric Kilby via Wikipedia for the photo.

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