Friday, December 11, 2009

Yanks getting ready for life without Damon

Although they are still intersted at the right price, the Yankees are getting ready for life without Johnny Damon. There is open speculation about the Yankees Plan B if Damon rejects what will likely be a take-it or leave-it offer from the team. The back-up plan appears to be to bring Hideki Matsui back on a one-year deal, with Brian Cashman also saying that minor leaguer Juan Miranda could see some time in the big leagues next year.

Of course, it could be posturing on the Yankees part to get Damon to accept their offer. But Cashman seems determined to stick within his budget, which means he would be willing to move on if Damon balks at re-signing at the dollars the Yanks are willing to pay.

If Damon does return, he will likely be a part-time outfielder and a part-time designated hitter. Joe Girardi has supported the idea of having an open DH spot to rotate his other players into when they need a break from playing the field.

I just hope this doesn't drag on. And Damon may not want to wait or he could find himself in the same position as Andy Pettitte last offseason, having to accept a below-market contract because the Yanks spent their cash on other players first. The bad feelings from that negotiation lingered although to Pettitte's credit it didn't affect him on the field. Damon seems like a good, team guy so I doubt he would bring any contract disappointment into the clubhouse. But do the Yanks really want to take that risk just to stick to their budget? We should find out soon.

Thanks to Ken N and Mattingly23 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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