Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nick Johnson back in the Bronx?

Could Nick Johnson soon be returning to the Bronx? Brian Cashman is reportedly talking with Johnson about assuming the vacant designated hitter role now that Hideki Matsui has officially left for the Angels. It's a good move.

Yes, Johnson has battled numerous injuries during his career so I'm sure Cashman will offer him a relatively low base salary with a lot of incentives. If he stays healthy, then the Yanks have a hitter known for his patience at the plate (walking 17.8% of the time in 2009, the highest in baseball) and a good on-base percentage (.402 lifetime). If he doesn't stay healthy, the Yanks can go with their initial plan of rotating other players into the DH spot.

Although Johnson is known to be a quiet, shy guy, constantly teased by his teammates, he fit in well during his first tour with the Yanks. He would slot in nicely behind Derek Jeter in the two-hole if Johnny Damon doesn't return. Because of his patience, he's a better fit for that spot than Curtis Granderson.

It's a low-risk baseball move for the Yanks. They should do it.

Thanks to Miss Chatter via Wikipedia for the photo.

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