Thursday, December 3, 2009

News flash: Jeter not perfect

Derek Jeter says he's not perfect. In New York, when it comes to Jeter, that qualifies as a headline-worthy admission.

Without elaborating, the Yankee Captain said he in an interview that he has made mistakes in the past. Making mistakes is kind of the theme of the week with the Tiger Woods fiasco.
"Jeter is now the bulletproof guy," said WFAN Yankee beat reporter Sweeney Murti.
Jeter also talked about the struggle to maintain privacy when a person reaches the level of fame he has. Of course, it's the tradeoff. You can't have all the success, glory and money Jeter has without giving up something in return.

The positive portrayal of Jeter in the media has reached an all-time high this year. Of course, there will always be the Jeter haters, but they are increasingly becoming the minority. For every Joel Sherman ridiculing the notion of Jeter as Sportsman of the Year, there are 10 Mike Baumans laying out the reasons Jeter is deserving.

Being a big Jeter fan myself, I don't mind the plaudits he gets. And given his play on the field and his work with his Turn 2 Foundation off of it, I think he's definitely deserving of every one. But as Jeter said, he's not perfect. Let's take him at his word.

Thanks to OneTwo1 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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