Monday, December 14, 2009

Yanks have limited starter options

How ridiculous is the free-agent starting pitching market if the Yankees two best options are pitchers who did not pitch in 2009 due to injuries? Brian Cashman is reportedly eyeing Justin Duchscherer or Ben Sheets for the 4th or 5th starting slots in next year's rotation.

Sheets just had elbow surgery and has suffered numerous other injuries. His numbers aren't overly impressive with a 86-83 record and a 3.72 ERA in the National League. Sheets is reportedly looking to make $11-12 million per year, which the Yanks don't seem inclined to give him. I don't blame them.

Duchscherer made the All-Star team last year, but spent most of the last few seasons on the disabled list with various injuries. He has a 31-24 record with 14 saves and a 3.14 ERA. He would be an even riskier proposition.

The market for starting pitching has gone insane this offseason. I know there are limited free-agent options this offseason, but so many injury-plagued pitchers have gotten nice, guaranteed deals this offseason. Case in point: Rich Harden getting $7.5 milllion from the Rangers. It makes no sense.

Thanks to Olympian X via Wikipedia for the Sheets photo.

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