Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Football Giants best NY team of decade

My first sports love has always been baseball. I really only get into the football season after the baseball playoffs are over. But as big a baseball and Yankees fan as I am, I have to admit that the New York Post called it right with the 2007 Giants named as the best New York team of the decade. What started as an inconceivable march to the Super Bowl that included 10 straight road victories ended with an awe-inspiring throw and catch between Eli Manning and David Tyree on the winning drive that shattered the previously perfect New England Patriots flirtation with history. No one would have called the Giants a team of destiny before the playoffs started, but it was certainly clear afterward that the team had magic and luck on its side.

The New York Yankees had four teams make the list: the 2000 team that beat the Metsies in the Subway Series, the 2001 team that lost a heartbreaker to the Arizona Diamondbacks a few weeks after the city's heart was broken by the 9/11 attacks, the 2003 team that beat the Boston Red Sox in a thrilling Game 7 of the American League Championship Series and the 2009 team that bookended the decade with another World Series victory.

I probably would have ranked the 2000 team (#5) higher than the 2009 version (#2) because they won the battle for New York, with even the 2000 Mets earning a spot on the list (#10). But I would admit the 2009 Yankees team was much more dominant during a regular season highlighted with more than a dozen thrilling come-from-behind victories.

Thanks to David Kerwin via Wikipedia for the photo.

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