Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Matsui time in pinstripes may be over

With the Yankees finalizing the logistics of the 3-team trade that will bring Curtis Granderson to the Bronx, Hideki Matsui may soon find himself the odd man out. It was unlikely that the Yankees would keep Matsui even without the trade. But now that they have taken on Granderson, it's hard to expect them to sign both Johnny Damon and Matsui, with the Yankees preferring Damon because they can use him in the outfield.

Coming off his MVP performance in the World Series, Matsui reportedly has several suitors. He will likely have to take a significant pay cut, but could see regular playing time as the designated hitter for another team.

Matsui could still come back to the Yankees, especially if Damon chooses to accept a multi-year offer from another team. Although he's limited to DH, he proved there's still a lot of life left in his bat. And he has an important cheerleader in Derek Jeter, who gives Brian Cashman advice on player moves. If he's willing to accept a lot less money, the Yanks could welcome him back.

Thanks to edogisgod via Wikipedia for the photo.

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