Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Damon sounds ready to move on from Yanks

Johnny Damon sure sounds like a player who's ready to move on from the Yankees. As much as he would probably like to remain in pinstripes, Damon made it clear yesterday that he is unwilling to give the hometown team a shorter deal, let alone a discount.

It's one thing to hear an agent like Scott Boras go on and on about how his client has earned a long-term deal and shouldn't take a pay cut. But when the player starts saying it, that really tells you something. Damon said there are other baseball teams out there interested in his services. He specifically mentioned his fellow free-agent outfielders Matt Holliday and Jason Bay, noting that once they sign, the teams they spurn would have room for him.

Damon seems frustrated by the non-negotiations. After having such a solid season and playing a pivotal role in Game 4 of the World Series, he probably can't fathom why the Yanks aren't showing more interest. But the Yankees let Hideki Matsui go and he was more of a factor in the playoffs and a longer-tenured Yankee than Damon. For his part, Brian Cashman seems very willing to wait for Damon to come down off his asking price, which seems unlikely. Maybe the Yanks are serious about sticking to that budget.

We may be heading for a bitter parting.
Thanks to OneTwo1 via en.Wikipedia for the photo.

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