Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yankees budget stretched to the max

Mark DeRosa's decision to sign with the San Francisco Giants instead of the World Champion New York Yankees should come as no surprise to anyone. While the Yankees represent a much better chance for playoff glory, the Giants offered the bigger paycheck. Brian Cashman, determined to stick to his reported budget, obviously felt comfortable walking away from DeRosa's contract demands (reportedly at $6 million a year) after signing Nick Johnson and trading for Curtis Granderson.

The Yankees have never disclosed the actual budget number, most often reported at either $185 million or just below the $201 million payroll the team started the 2009 season with.
Barring a trade, the Yankees already have about $201 million committed to players currently on the roster.

What does that mean for the team? If they really are sticking to the budget, they will have to live with Brett Gardner in left field. If DeRosa was too expensive for the Yanks, there is no way they will restart negotiations with Johnny Damon or pursue Matt Holliday or Jason Bay. But with the offense the Bombers already have, they should do just fine even without a brand-name left fielder.

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