Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mets' Minaya making his move

Omar Minaya is no Brian Cashman, much to the dismay of Mets fans. But he made his first major move this week with a 4-year, $65 million offer to free agent outfielder Jason Bay. It's a smart move.

Bay is one of baseball's top three free agents this year and getting him would be a real coup for Minaya. Although Bay does not have the engaging personality of a big star, he is a strong player who would fill an important need for the Mets. He had a career high with 36 homers and 119 ribbies in 2009. Bay has power and speed. Plus, he's great in pressure-cooker situations, hitting key home runs in the Rivalry against the Yankees.

Will it be enough to get Bay? We'll see. He'll likely be looking for more money and could get a counteroffer from the Red Sox soon. Bay also lives in Seattle during the offseason and with the Mariners making a move for domination in the American League West, he could end up in the Emerald City. But the Mets may have the resources to outbid the Mariners and the Red Sox have been slow the lock Bay up. The Metsies may get lucky and get the player they want and really need to have.

Thanks to Wknight94 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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