Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mets need to make a big splash

With the baseball winter meetings starting this week, expectations are that free-agent signings and major trades won't be far off. We know who the Yankees are gunning for. But what will the Mets do?

The New York papers can't seem to get a good sense of the Mets plans for this offseason. The Daily News reports the Mets have no interest in spending money on a major player such as Matt Holliday, Jason Bay or John Lackey. For the sake of my friends and family members who root for the other New York team, I hope they are wrong. The New York Post reports that Holliday is the top priority for Mets General Manager Omar Minaya.

A lack of ambition for the Mets would be sad considering the year they had. Yes, injuries played a major part in their downfall, but the Mets don't seem willing to do anything splashy to excite their fan base. And trust me, they are a dejected bunch, especially after having to watch their two arch rivals play in the World Series.

Having a solid Mets team is good for Yankee fans too. It's just not as much fun rooting against a team that is scuffling. The New York rivalry works better when both teams are contenders.

But the Mets need to do something to excite their fan base. I'm thinking something like their Pedro Martinez signing a few years ago. Martinez had a mixed career in Queens, but he gave the Mets a lot of moxie. Mind you, I'm not advocating a Martinez return to New York. I just think they need to think that big to make their fans happy. Hopefully, they will spend some of the considerable resources generated by their beautiful new ballpark to get an impact player.

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  1. Sadly, I think they have no desire to get out of the doldrums. They need to axe Minaya and the whole crew. This Madoff thing has really hit the Metsies hard, I think. It's just a miserable time to be a Mets fan.