Sunday, October 18, 2009

AJ Burnett gets the job done for the Yanks

Watching AJ Burnett pitch drives me batty, but he gets the job done, like he did last night in giving the Yankees 6 plus solid innings of 2-run ball. It is so frustrating to watch him walking and hitting batters, which I was convinced was going to burn him going against the Halos' running game. He did toss a wild pitch that allowed the Angels to score the tying run. But somehow it all worked out for him in the end and he gave the Yankees exactly what they needed.

Jose Molina deserves a lot of credit for guiding AJ through another critical start. Perhaps Jorge Posada should be grateful that he doesn't have to catch AJ when he's like this. Posada doesn't have the patience for erratic pitchers. That's probably why he and AJ don't work well together. But all Posada has to do is wait until AJ is done for the night and then he can pitch hit for Molina and play the rest of the game, so he doesn't have to sit an entire game out.

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